About Halal Sign

A few Words About Halal Sign

HALAL SIGN is a first of its kind independent consultancy organisation based in India for Halal services.

The prime objective of the organisation is to promote awareness of Halal products in India and internationally.

HALAL SIGN offers various services in the Halal arena from certification, factory compliance, auditing, food hygienic practices and training.

HALAL SIGN is governed by an independent board of founding members and top Islamic Scholars on panel from all parts of India and abroad.

Main activities of HALAL SIGN

  1. Halal Listing: we are creating the world’s largest database of halal products (food and non – food)
  2. Halal Testing
  3. Halal Compliance
  4. Halal Consulting Services
  5. Audits of premises
  6. Facility compliance to meet quality standards (ISO, HACCP, GMP
  7. Certification:
    • Halal Certification for FMCG products (single SKU based)
    • Halal Certification for Restaurants, Bakeries, Cafeterias, etc.
    • Halal Certification for Abattoir
    • Halal Certification for Schools
    • Halal Certification for Hostels
    • Halal Certification for Hospitals
    • Halal Certification for Canteens
    • Halal Certification for Catering Services
    • Halal Certification for Inflight / Train Catering
    • Halal Certification for Pharmaceuticals
    • Halal Certification for Cosmetics
    • Halal Certification of Supply Chain
    • Halal Certification of Warehouse
    • Halal Certification of packaging (container)
    • Halal Certification for Services (tourism, financial institutions, etc.)
    • Halal Certification for other consumables
  8. Training: Halal guidelines training and seminars
  9. Halal Newsletter: quarterly publication of Halal news, trends, latest market updates, etc.


We are honoured to have association with Top Islamic scholars

Our Sharia Ulamas Panel :

1.Mufti Asad Qasim Sahab Sambhali,Moradabad

2.Maulana Noor ul Hasan Rashid Sahab Kandhlawi,Kandhala

3.Mufti Ata ur Rehman Qasmi Sahab,New Delhi

4.Mufti Ahmad Nadir ul Qasmi Sahab,New Delhi

5.Mufti Mahboob Ali Sahab Wajihi,Rampur

6.Mufti Fahad Azad Sahab,Moradabad

7.Mufti Abdul Qayyum Sahab Qasmi,,Ahmedabad

8.Mufti Khaleel Ahmad Sahab Qasmi,Jaipur

9.Maulana Khizer Mohammad Sahab Qasmi Kashmiri Nakshbandi,Deoband

Associations with Halal Organisations:

Muslim Consumer group
 Halal Monitoring Committee, UK
Halal Research Council
Halal Colombia 

Our Technical & Research  Panel:

 1.Moulana Yunus Dudhwala Sb – Chairman, Halal Monitoring   Committee, UK.

 2.Syed Rasheed Uddin Sb – Muslim Consumer Group, USA

 3. Dr Z.R. Azad Sahab : Phd (Food Technologist)

4. Dr Saiyyad Alamdar Hussain - (Food Technology)