With over 10,000 products in the Indian FMCG sector alone, the list of products to be verified as Halal is endless. We are striving hard to test and announce as many products as we can possibly support. Do your bit by sponsoring a product to be verified Halal, under guidance of a reputed Islamic Scholars panel. We use the most advanced scientific DNA based testing method.

Get any product you want certified and have the ability to:

  • 100% certainity if a product is Halal or not
  • Earn unlimited reward for letting people know about products being Halal
  • Benefit the community and the Muslim world as a whole
  • Show the world that the Muslim world is strong and Halal matters

The process to get a product certified is very easy and is as follows :

Please send an email to info@halalsign.com with the completed PDF form which can be DOWNLOAD HERE